K14-VN Pistol

K14-VN Pistol



Trigger type

Single action



Weight, empty



206 mm

Barrel length

127 mm


13 rounds



The K14-VN is the new service pistol of the Vietnamese Army. It’s based on the proven, but obsolete K54 pistol, which, in turn, is a copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol which dates back to 1933. The K14-VN is externally and internally similar to K54 / Tokarev, except that it has a slightly longer barrel and a wider grip frame to contain a double-stack magazine of increased capacity. This pistol is produced by state owned factories in Vietnam.

Technical details:

The K14-VN is a semi-automatic pistol with single action trigger and external hammer. No manual safeties are provided on the pistol except for the half-cock feature of the hammer. It is of all-steel construction, with Browning-type tilting barrel locking. The recoiling barrel is connected to the frame through a swinging link, an old system derived from the US M1911 pistol. It uses proprietary, double stack single feed magazines with 13-round capacity. Sights are fixed and non-adjustable.