BB Tech / ISSC BB6 pistol (Austria)

BB Tech / ISSC BB6 pistol

BB Tech / ISSC BB6 pistol with safety on and optional “speed” rear sight

Specification Value
Full text name BB Tech / ISSC BB6 pistol (Austria)
Caliber cartridge .40 Smith & Wesson (10x22mm), 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 178
Barrel length, mm 102
Weight empty, kg 0.717
Magazine capacity, rounds 15

BB Tech BB6 pistol is produced in Austria by BB Tech GMBH and distributed worldwide by ISSC. It is a relatively new pistol, designed by Wilhelm Bubbits who previously designed Steyr M series and Caracal pistols. It is a relatively compact weapon that can be used for duty (by police or security forces) or for personal defense or sport.


BB Tech BB6 pistol is short recoil operated, locked preach weapon that uses common Browning-type cam operated tilting barrel locking system. It features polymer frame with removable grip backstraps of three different sizes. Trigger is of “short double action” type, with partially pre-cocked striker. Safety features include internal firing pin safety, automated trigger safety, loaded chamber indicator and an unusual ambidextrous manual safety, located at the bottom of the trigger guard. When engaged (raised) manual safety lever blocks movement of the trigger. To disengage manual safety, shooter has to push it down with his index finger before engaging the trigger. Gun is fed using double stack, single feed box magazines. Standard (flush-fit) magazines hold 15 rounds of 9mm or 13 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition; extended magazines hold 18 and 16 rounds respectively. Another unusual feature of the BB6 pistol is its modular sighting system. Thanks to special slots cut in the slide, gun can be used with traditional iron sights, so called “Swift” rear sight with long and wide rear sight block. Also, pistol provides integral mounting point for a variety of compact red-dot sights that can be installed directly onto the slide.