Arsenal P-M02

Arsenal P-M02 pistol, left side; integral Picatinny rail under the barrel is covered by removable cover.

Arsenal P-M02 Pistol, left side; integral Picatinny rail under the barrel is covered by removable cover.

Arsenal P-M02 pistol, partially disassembled.

Arsenal P-M02 pistol, partially disassembled.




Type Double Action semiautomatic
Caliber(s)  9×19 Luger / Parabellum
Weight unloaded 760 g
Length 180 mm
Barrel length 104 mm
Magazine capacity 15 rounds


The Arsenal P-M02 Compact pistol is the most recent product of the Bulgarian Arsenal arms-making factory. These gunmakers previously manufactured copies of Russian Makarov PM pistols. The P-M02 Compact is an indigenous development and it follows some of the most recent trends in the firearms industry. However, it is yet to be seen if this gun will keep up with the modern market.

The Arsenal P-M02 Compact pistol is a delayed blowback operated weapon, which utilizes a gas-delayed blowback system similar to that found in the German HK P7 pistol. In this system, the initial opening of the slide is resisted by the pressure of the powder gases which are fed into the gas cylinder, located below the barrel. There, the gases act against a piston, attached to the slide. Once the bullet has left the barrel, pressure in the bore and gas cylinder drops rapidly, permitting the slide to run backward and cycle the action.

The barrel is made with polygonal rifling. The frame of the gun is made from impact-resistant polymer, with steel slide rails. Grip backstraps are made removable and available in three different sizes. The trigger / hammer unit is easily removable for maintenance, and is of traditional double-action type. The manual safety is ambidextrous and located on the slide, with levers pointing backwards. Magazines are double-stack, with 15 round capacity. The magazine catch button is located at the base of the trigger guard and can be placed on either side of the gun. Sights with fiber-optic inserts are of fixed type, and dovetailed to the slide. The front of the frame below the barrel is shaped as a Picatinny rail.