Type 06 / QSW 06 suppressed

Type 06 / QSW 06 sound suppressed (silenced) pistol


Type 06 / QSW 06 sound suppressed (silenced) pistol, disassembled




Trigger type

Double action



Weight, empty

1.05 kg with sound suppressor


195 mm (373 mm with suppressor attached)

Barrel length



20 rounds


The Type 06 / QSW 06 sound suppressed (silenced) pistol is a joint product of the China Ordnance Industry 208 Research Institute and the state-owned No. 236 Factory. It was developed between 2001 and 2005, and formally adopted by PLA in 2006, to replace obsolete and mostly worn-out 7.62mm Type 67 integrally suppressed pistols. Type 06 suppressed (micro-sound in Chinese parlance) pistol is based on the standard issue 5.8mm Type 92 (QSZ 92) pistol, and uses about 60% of parts common with Type 92 (polymer frame with steel insert, trigger system, magazine). The type 06 pistol is designed to fire special 5.8×21 DCV05 ammunition with subsonic bullets (bullet weight about 4 gram, MV 290 m/s), but it also can fire standard issue, 5.8×21 DAP92 ammunition with supersonic bullets. DCV05 ammunition has steel-core bullets that can penetrate a typical steel military helmet at ranges of up to 50 meters. Type 06 / QSW 06 sound suppressed (silenced) pistols are issued to Scout and Special Forces elements of the PLA.


Type 06 / QSW 06 sound suppressed (silenced) pistol is a semi-automatic pistol with polymer frame and removable frame insert which hosts slide rails and entire trigger / hammer unit. Trigger is of conventional double action type, with exposed hammer and ambidextrous frame-mounted safety levers. The system of operation is unclear from Chinese sources, but it appears that this pistol features simple blowback action with stationary (but easily removable) barrel, unlike its Type 92 predecessor that has a rotary barrel. Type 06 pistol features raised iron sights (to clear an attached suppressor), and an extended threaded barrel. Sound suppressor is about 30mm in diameter and 200 mm long, and is of relatively complicated multi-baffle, multi-channel design. Sound signature of the suppressed gun is reported as 129 dB. Pistol is loaded using double stack, double feed 20-round box magazines.