Llama Gabilondo Plus Ultra pistol (Spain)

The Plus Ultra pistol was produced in Spain during late 1920s and early 1930s by gun making company Gabilondo Y Cia, better known by its trade mark “Llama”. Plus Ultra pistol was based on the WW1-era “Ruby” pocket pistol from the same manufacturer, but made much larger and with greatly increased magazine capacity. Gabilondo also produced a select-fire machine pistol called Non Plus Ultra, which differed from the parent handgun design by installation of the fire mode selector slider on the left side of the slide, above the grip. Many Gabilondo Plus Ultra pistols were exported to S-E Asia, most notably China and Japan. It is believed that Japanese officers privately purchased those pistols, and Plus Ultra pistols were quite popular among Japanese aircraft pilots from Army and Navy.


Plus Ultra pistol
Plus Ultra pistol with its 20-round magazine, shown from the front


Plus Ultra pistol uses simple blowback action. It has a single action trigger with internal hammer, and a manual safety is located on the left side of the frame, above the trigger guard. Pistol has extended and widened grip that houses double stack, double feed detachable box magazine that can contain as much as 20 or even 22 rounds of 7.65mm Browning (.32ACP) ammunition. Magazine release is located at the heel of the grip. There were two slightly different versions of the gun, one with standard barrel which has its muzzle almost flush with the slide, and another with extended barrel, like one shown above. All were equipped with simple, fixed iron sights.


Specification Value
Full text name Llama Gabilondo Plus Ultra pistol (Spain)
Caliber cartridge 7.65x17SR, 7.65mm Browning, .32 ACP
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 180 or 210
Barrel length, mm 110 or 140
Weight empty, kg 0.97
Magazine capacity, rounds 20, 22