CZ P-10C Pistol

CZ P-10C Pistol

CZ P-10C Pistol

Trigger type

Double action


9×19 or .40SW

Weight empty, g


Length, mm


Barrel length, mm


Capacity, rounds

15 or 17 (9mm), 12 (.40)

The CZ P-10C Pistol is designed and manufactured by famous Czech small arms manufacturer, CZ-UB. First announced late in 2016, the CZ P10C entered production in 2017.

This is the second attempt by CZ to introduce a polymer-framed, striker fired pistol to compete with Glock and other dominant manufacturers for the service industry. The first attempt, the CZ 100 pistol, is long out of production. The P-10C is a medium sized pistol, suitable for duty carry in the open holster or for concealed carrying. Its dimensions make it compatible with holsters that are already produced for the CZ P-07 Pistol.

Technical Description:

The CZ P-10C is a polymer framed, short recoil operated handgun that uses the Browning type cam operated locking system. This gun features removable backstrap grips of three different lengths, and a striker-fired mechanism. There are no manual safeties, and the automated safety is built into the trigger. Magazines are backwards compatible with the CZ P-07 and P-09 pistols.