Ruger SR9 SR40 SR45

Ruger SR9 pistol


Ruger SR9c pistol


Ruger SR45 pistol



SR9, SR40

SR9c, SR40c


Trigger type



9×19, .40SW

9×19, .40SW


Weight, empty, g

751 (9mm)

660 (9mm)


Length, mm




Barrel length, mm




Capacity, rounds

17 (9mm), 15 (.40)

10 (9mm), 9 (.40)



SR series of handguns was first introduced by American company Sturm, Ruger & Co in 2007, when it began to make full-size 9mm Ruger SR9 pistols. Later on, this line was expanded with addition of full-size .40SW SR40 pistol and two compact models in same calibers, Ruger SR9c and SR40c. Latest member of this series, the full-size Ruger SR45 pistol, chambered for .45ACP ammunition, was introduced in 2013. Full-sized Ruger SR series pistols are well suited for police or security duty and for self-defense; compact SR9c and SR40c pistols can serve as dedicated concealed carry or backup sidearms, as they can accept larger capacity magazines of their full-size cousins in same calibers.


Ruger SR9 and other SR series handguns are short recoil operated, locked breech weapons that use modified Browning locking with tilting barrel. Frame of the gun is made from high strength polymer and features reversible grip backstrap (one side of backstrap offers flat surface, other – slightly arched surface). Gun is fed from double stack, single feed magazines. Pistol is equipped with pre-cocked striker-fired trigger and ambidextrous manual safety. It also features magazine safety (which blocks trigger when magazine is removed) and loaded chamber indicator. Standard sights are of adjustable, three-dot type with contrast inserts. Picatinny rail for accessories is provided on the frame below the barrel.