MPA Defender

Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistol Model 10, .45ACP


Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistol Model 30, 9×19


Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistol Model 30, 9×19, side-cocking variant with faux silencer


Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistol, Model 930, 9×19

Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistol Model 57, 5.7×28


9×19 carbine based on Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistol model 930




MPA 930

MPA 30

MPA 10

MPA 57

Trigger type

single action




.45 ACP


Weight empty, kg





Length, mm


266 (w. 152mm barrel)

266 (w. 152mm barrel)

302 (w. 127mm barrel)

Barrel length, mm


152 or 254

152 or 254

127 or 204







The line of Defender pistols, manufactured in USA by Masterpiece Arms Co, is more or less specific to US market and gun culture. This line includes more than a dozen models in three centerfire calibers (9×19 Luger/Parabellum, .45ACP and 5.7×28), which also differ in size, weight and customizing capabilities. All models are broadly based on the famous Ingram Model 10 / Model 11 submachine guns, adapted to semi-automatic only fire, and approved for unrestricted civilian sales in USA.  The primary use for these pistols, which are quite bulky and heavy by handgun standards, is rec recreational shooting, also known as “plinking”. These pistols also can be used as effective home defense weapons, thanks to their large magazine capacities, moderate recoil and good accuracy. Compared to various earlier Ingram Model 10 / 11 semi-auto clones, Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender pistols feature improved triggers and safeties, better overall quality and wider selection of models. Those pistols usually sold at relatively low prices (at least in USA). .45 caliber MPA 10 pistols are based on the Ingram Model 10, while 9mm and 5.7mm models are based on smaller and slimmer (in cross-section) Ingram Model 11 weapon.

Masterpiece Arms also offers a line of carbines, based on the MPA Defender pistols, which feature 16-inch (408mm) barrels and fixed or folding shoulder stocks.


All MPA Defender pistols feature all-steel construction, with simple blowback action, firing from closed bolt. They have internal hammers and single action triggers. Manual safety is located on the right side of the receiver, above the trigger guard. Depending on the version, charging handle is located either at the top, or on the left side of the weapon. Iron sights are of very basic design, with non-adjustable aperture rear sight. Side-charging models feature integral Picatinny rail at the top of the receiver, which permits installation of various Red Dot sights. Magazines are inserted into the hollow, metallic pistol grip which has plastic backstrap.  MPA 10 pistol uses .45 caliber US M3 “Grease gun” magazines, MPA 30 and MPA 930 use 9mm 32-round British STEN or modern compatible magazines, MPA 57 uses FN Five-Seven pistol magazines. Most models also feature threaded barrels, which can accept various muzzle brakes, barrel extenders (“faux silencers”) or sound suppressors (silencers), which are legal in many American states under provisions and limitations of the NFA-34 law.