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Zastava M83 revolver (Yugoslavia / Serbia)

Zastava M83 revolver was originally produced by Yugoslavian state arms factory Crvena Zastava for export. In late 1980s several thousands of these revolvers were adopted by Yugoslavian army and police and issued to army NCO and police officers. After the fall of Yugoslavia these revolvers were retained in police service by several now independent republics, such as Serbia and Macedonia. In 1990s, a slightly modified version, known as Zastava M83/93, was also produced for export.


Zastava M83 revolver
Zastava M83 revolver


Zastava M83 revolver is a traditional 6-shot revolver of all-steel construction. It features side-opening cylinder with release latch located on the left side of the frame. Trigger is of double action type, with exposed hammer, frame-mounted firing pin and an automatic transfer bar safety system. Standard cylinders were chambered for .357 Magnum and also could load .38 Special ammunition. Optional replacement cylinders were offered with chambers cut for 9×19 Luger ammunition. 9mm rimless cartridges were loaded and ejected at once using special flat clips, holding 6 rounds of 9×19 together. Those revolvers were produced in several barrel lengths, although in Yugoslavian service variant with the 4-inch (102mm) barrel appeared to be most common. Most versions were fitted with fixed sights, consisting of rear sight, made in the form of a U-notch, cut in the top of the frame, and dovetailed front sight.


Specification Value
Full text name Zastava M83 revolver (Yugoslavia / Serbia)
Caliber cartridge .357 Magnum (9x32R), 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type manual
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 235
Barrel length, mm 102
Weight empty, kg 1
Magazine capacity, rounds 6