“Udav” pistol (Russia)

“Udav” pistol is a new development of the Central Scientific and Research Institute of Precision Machine building (TSNII TochMash), the leading Russian small arms research, testing and development organization. Designed to be used as a military issue sidearm, it successfully passed official trials and was approved for adoption by Russian army. However, adoption of the 9x21mm Udav pistol as a general issue sidearm to replace older service pistols such as 9×18 mm Makarov PM or 9×19 mm Yarygin PYa seems unlikely. Most probably it will see limited use by various Special forces and teams in military and law enforcement, much like its predecessor, the 9×21 mm SR-1M pistol from the same maker.


“Udav” pistol
“Udav” pistol


Key reason for this is its indigenous ammunition, the 9×21 mm family that includes SP-10 Armor Piercing loads, SP-11 low-ricochet FMJ loads (mostly for Law Enforcement use), SP-12 plastic-tip JHP (also for LE use) and 7BTZ AP-tracer. While this ammunition is noticeably more powerful than most standard issue 9×19 loads, it is also more expensive, creates more felt recoil (and thus is harder to master for average shooters), and, last but not least, is, at the present time, available from only one source – the TSNIITOCHMASH itself. On the other hand, 9×19 ammunition is available in countless variations and from all major Russian ammunition factories, not to mention almost endless worldwide supply.
Udav (Удав) in Russian means boa snake.

Udav pistol is short recoil operated, semi-automatic handgun. It uses traditional Browning-type action with tilting barrel that locks into the ejection opening in the slide. Trigger is of double action type, with exposed hammer and ambidextrous safety levers on the slide. When engaged, safety also automatically lowers (decocks) the hammer. Pistol features polymer frame with steel insert molded in. There is no manual slide release lever. Slide hold-open device is automatically disengaged to chamber a fresh round as soon as a new, loaded magazine is inserted into the grip. Pistol uses double stack, double feed magazines that hold 18 rounds. Magazine release button is ambidextrous and is located at the base of the trigger guard. For special operations, pistol can be equipped with extended threaded barrel to accept detachable sound suppressor (silencer).


Specification Value
Full text name “Udav” pistol (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 9x21 SP-10 SP-11 SP-12
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 206
Barrel length, mm 120
Weight empty, kg 0.78
Magazine capacity, rounds 18