FN FNS pistol


FN FNS Long Slide pistol


FN FNS Compact



FNS Compact


FNS Long slide

Trigger type

Double action with pre-cocked striker


9×19, .40SW

Weight, empty

662 g / 23.4 Oz

713 g / 25.2 Oz

750 g / 26.5 Oz


170 mm / 6.7”

184 mm / 7.2”

210 mm / 8.25”

Barrel length

91 mm / 3.6”

102 mm / 4”

127 mm / 5”


12 rounds (9mm)
10 rounds (.40)

17 rounds (9mm)
14 rounds (.40)

17 rounds (9mm)
14 rounds (.40)



FNS line of pistols was introduced in 2011 by FNH USA, an US-based subsidiary of famous Belgian gun making company FN Herstal. Developed to compete with increasingly popular striker-fired pistols spawned by the Glock, this family is broadly based on the FN FNX pistols and uses compatible magazines. Since 2015, FNS line also includes FNS Compact pistols in 9mm and .40SW, intended for concealed carry.

All FNS handguns are semi-automatic pistols with pre-loaded striker fired trigger system. FNS pistols use modified Browning-type locking system with short recoiling barrel that tips down to unlock from the slide, using cam-shaped cut below the breech. Frame of the every FNS pistol is made from impact-resistant polymer,  with removable backstraps of different sizes. Barrel and slide are made from stainless steel. FNX pistols feature fully ambidextrous controls, including frame-mounted manual safety (not available on certain models) and slide release levers, as well as magazine release buttons. Ammunition is fed from double stack, single feed box magazines. All versions are equipped with fixed 3-dot sights and MIL-STD 1913 (Picatinny) accessory rail under the frame.