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CUGIR Carpati Md.74 and Md.95 semiautomatic pistol (Romania)


Carpati Md.74 semiautomatic pistol
Carpati Md.74 semiautomatic pistol


Carpati Md.95 semiautomatic pistol
Carpati Md.95 semiautomatic pistol


The Carpati Md.74 semiautomatic pistol (full designation Pistolul calibrul 7,65 mm Md. 1974) was developed by Romanian arms factory Fabrica de Arme Cugir during early 1970s as a replacement for locally-made Tokarev TT pistols, then in use by Romanian military and police. Carpati Md.74 handgun is a compact sidearm, based on the German Walther PP pistol design. Md.74 pistol is still in widespread use by Romanian police and gendarmerie. In military use it was mostly replaced by more powerful 9x19mm pistols. During mid-1990s Cugir factory developed a commercial export version, designated Carpati mod.95. This pistol featured heavier, all-steel cosntruction and fired 9mm Browning Short (9×18, .380ACP) ammunition as opposed to original 7.62mm Browning (.32ACP) chambering. Magazine capacity for Mod.95 was decreased by 1 round. A less-lethal version of the latter model, chambered for 9PA tear gas ammunition, was briefly offered for European market as “Md.95 gaz”.

Carpati Md.74 semiautomatic pistol is a simple blowback weapon with aluminum alloy frame. Trigger is of double action type, with exposed hammer. Manual safety is located on the slide and, when engaged, automatically decocks the hammer. Magazine is single stack, with magazine catch located at the base of the grip. Sights are fixed and non-adjustable.

Specification Value
Full text name CUGIR Carpati Md.74 and Md.95 semiautomatic pistol (Romania)
Caliber cartridge .32 ACP / 7.65x17SR / 7.65mm Browning
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 168
Barrel length, mm 91
Weight empty, kg 0.52
Magazine capacity, rounds 8