S&W Self Defense SD9 SD40

Smith & Wesson SD9 Self Defense pistol

Smith & Wesson SD9 Self Defense pistol


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Type Double Action Only semiautomatic
Caliber(s)  9×19 Luger, .40SW
Weight unloaded 643 g / 22.7 oz
Length 183 mm / 7.2"
Barrel length 102 mm / 4"
Magazine capacity 16 (9mm) or 14 (.40) rounds


The Self Defense / SD series of pistols is one of the new product lines from famous American handgun makers, Smith & Wesson. Introdused in 2010, these pistols are specially designed as affordable, yet efefctive and reliable weapons for civilian users and security use. Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 Self Defense pistols are based on the already proven design of the Smith & Wesson Military & Police / M&P pistols, with certain cost-saving measures which, however, do not affect the practical utility of new pistiols.

Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 Self Defense pistols are similar in design and differ only in caliber used. S&W SD pistols are short recoil operated, locked breech weapons that use Browning-type locking system with tilting barrel. The trigger is of double-action only type, striker fired, with pre-cocked striker system. No manual safeties are provided, but guns are fitted with automated trigger and firing pin safeties. Pistol frames are made from impact-resistant polymer, barrels and slides are manufactured from stainless steel. Double stack magazines hold 16 rounds of 9mm ammo or 14 rounds of .40SW ammo; 10-round magazines are offred as well. Magazine release button is located at the base of the trigger guard. Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 Self Defense pistols are shipped from factory with fixed three-dot sights – front sight is provided with luminous tritium dot, and the rear sight is provided with white dots. An integral Picatinny rail on the frame, below the barrel, allows for easy installation of useful add-ons, such as laser-aiming module or tactical flashlight.