Morieli Silenced Pistol (Georgia)

The Morieli Silenced Pistol (“მორიელი”, “Scorpio” in the Georgian language) is a specially designed, suppressed firearm intended for use by Special Forces elements of military and law enforcement in Georgia. It takes some design ideas from the time-proven PB suppressed pistol of Soviet origin. However, the overall design appears to be more or less indigenous.


Morieli Silenced Pistol

Morieli Silenced Pistol


This pistol is a simple blowback operated semi-automatic handgun. It fires the relatively mild-powered 9x17mm Short (.380ACP) ammunition, featuring sub-sonic bullet velocities which makes it much easier to suppress.

The Morieli Pistol is of all-steel construction, with a hammer fired double action trigger. It features a sound suppressor made of a front part and a rear part. The rear part is coaxially installed over the barrel, and the front part is removable and attached to the face of the rear part. The front part of the sound suppressor (silencer) has an off-axis passage for the bullet inside to clear line of sight when installed. Apparently the Morieli pistol can be fired with the forward part of the suppressor removed, although noise reduction would be insignificant in that case.


Specification Value
Full text name Morieli Silenced Pistol (Georgia)
Caliber cartridge 9x17 Browning Short, 9mm Kurz, .380ACP
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 400 with suppressor
Weight empty, kg 1.2
Magazine capacity, rounds 15