Type 84



Trigger type

Single action


7.62×17 Type 84

Weight, empty

380 g


121 mm

Barrel length

56 mm


6 rounds


Type 84 compact pistol was developed in China during early 1980s as a dedicated counter-terrorism weapon, to be carried in deep concealment by security personnel and used at short ranges, where over-penetration is a serious concern, i.e. on civilian airplanes. It uses a specially designed low-penetration, low ricochet 7.62×17 Type 84 ammunition, loaded with lightweight, jacketed soft-point bullets with frangible core. Muzzle velocity of the 7.62mm Type 84 projectile is about 200-260 m/s, weight is about 3 gram. The bullet is said to not to penetrate hull or the window of the typical commercial aircraft at minimum ranges of 2 meters, while being lethal to unprotected people at ranges to up to 15 meters.


Type 84 pocket pistol is a conventional semi-automatic pistol of all-steel design that utilizes simple blowback action. It also features single action trigger with internal striker and frame-mounted safety located on the left side of the gun, behind the trigger. Single stack magazine holds 6 rounds and magazine release button is located on the frame, behind the grip panel.