FN Browning BDA380

Browning BDA 380 (Belgium)


Browning BDA 380 (Belgium)


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Type: Double Action
Chamber: 9x17mm (.380ACP) or 7.65x17mm (.32ACP)
Weight unloaded: 640 g
Length: 173 mm
Barrel length:
Capacity: 12 (9mm) or 13 (7.65mm) rounds


The Browning BDA 380 pistol was introduced in 1980 or so as a compact and lightweight pistol for police and civilian use. The gun was manufactured in Italy under contract from FN Herstal (Belgium) and marketed as FN model 140DA (in Europe) or Browning BDA 380 (in USA). Some sources said that BDA 380 is a copy of Beretta 84, but close inspection shows some differences (i.e. Beretta 84 has frame mounted safety while BDA 380 has slide mounted safety). The manufacture of the BDA 380 was ceased circa 1997. It was adopted by Belgian police.

The BDA 380 is a blowback operated, double action semi automatic pistol. It has aluminium alloy frame and steel slide. Ambidextrous slide mounted safety switch disconnects the trigger from the hammer when engaged. The pistol featured low profile fixed sightst and was available in either polished steel or blued finish, with wooden grip panels.

The gun deserved good reputation as reliable and comfortable to fire.