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Manurhin Special Police revolver, Manurhin MR-88 revolver (France)

The Manurhin Special Police revolver appeared in around 1979 as a less expensive alternative to the excellent, but very costly Manurhin MR-73 revolver for use by various French law enforcement organizations. The Manurhin Special Police was a joint project between French company Manurhin and US company Sturm, Ruger and Co. It was built using Ruger Service Six revolver frames and lockwork, supplied from US, and assembled in France using French-made cylinders and barrels.


Manurhin Special Police revolver
Manurhin Special Police revolver. Note Ruger and Manurhin markings on the frame


Starting cicra 1981, Manurhin Special Police F1 revolver entered service with various French police forces. It was similar to the predecessor but was completely made in France. The Manurhin Special Police X1 revolver was of the same basic design but was made from stainless steel. Those revolvers were in widespread use by French authorities until early 2000s.
In 1988 Manurhin introduced a commercialized version of the Special Police F1 as the MR-88 revolver. It was produced by Manurhin until mid-1990s, and today MR-88 revolvers are still manufactured for commercial sales by French company Chapius armes, along with its older brother, the MR-73 revolver. As of now, MR-88 revolvers are almost 50% less expensive than MR-73 revolvers of comparable dimensions and caliber.


Manurhin MR-88 revolver
Manurhin MR-88 revolver


Manurhin Special Police / MR-88 revolver is a conventional double action gun of all-steel design. On Manurhin Special Police revolvers trigger lockwork was mounted on the detachable trigger guard, similar to Ruger Sevice Six design. MR-88 revolvers have trigger guard integral to the frame forging. Six-shot cylinder swings open to the left for reloading. Special Police and MR-88 Defense revolvers were equipped with fixed sights. MR-88 Sport revolvers are equipped with adjustable rear sight. ManurhinMR-88 guns are available in several barrel lengths, from 3” to 6” (76 – 200 mm)


Manurhin Special Police F1 revolver
Manurhin Special Police F1 revolver


Specification Value
Full text name Manurhin Special Police revolver, Manurhin MR-88 revolver (France)
Caliber cartridge .357 Magnum (9x32R), .38 S&W Smith & Wesson9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type manual
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 207
Barrel length, mm 76
Weight empty, kg 0.94
Magazine capacity, rounds 6