Type 52

Type 52 pistol


Type 52 pistol



Trigger type

Double action


7.65x17SR / .32ACP

Weight, empty

530 g


150 mm

Barrel length

83 mm


7 rounds


Type 52 pistol (original designation in Chinese is 52式7.65mm自动手枪) is a pocket pistol, produced in PeoplesRepublicof Chinafor domestic police and military officers use. During early 1950s the Peoples Liberation Army of China and domestic police were limited to recently adopted Type 51 pistol (a license-produced copy of Soviet Tokarev TT, which later evolved into mass-produced 7.62mm Type 54 pistol). It was a relatively large and powerful service-type gun, not fully suitable for police or defensive use by high ranking officers. To provide a more compact and more safe-to-handle alternative, Chinese engineers simply copied famous and highly successful Walther PPK pistol of German design. The Type 52 pistol is mechanically and externally similar to its German parent, although overall quality, fit and finish of the Chinese copy is noticeably poorer. This pistol was issued to various Chinese law enforcement organizations and some high-ranking military officers.


Type 52 pistol is a conventional semi-automatic pistol of all-steel design that utilizes simple blowback action. It also features double action trigger with exposed hammer and slide-mounted safety that automatically decocks the hammer when applied. Single stack magazine holds 7 rounds and magazine release button is located on the frame, behind the trigger guard.