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Poloz semiautomatic pistol (Russia)

The Poloz (Racer Snake) Pistol is the newest compact semi-automatic handgun from the TsNIITochMash weapon design and production organization in Klimovsk, Russia. It is intended primarily as a law enforcement sidearm. It has some features optimized for Russian police officers who grew used to the old Makarov PM pistol, such as a traditional double action trigger. This feature may in fact appear obsolete to some western observers. Mechanically, the Poloz Pistol is based on the full-sized Udav service handgun, which is also designed by TsNIITochMash.


Poloz Pistol
Poloz Pistol


Technical Description:

The Poloz Pistol uses traditional Browning-type short recoil action, with a single locking lug on the barrel engaging the ejection window in the slide. Locking and unlocking is controlled by a cam-shaped lug below the barrel, which interacts with the steel insert in the frame.

The frame of the gun is made from impact resistant polymer. The grip is fairly comfortable for a shooter with a medium sized palm, and has no adjustment inserts. The trigger is of traditional double action type, with exposed hammer and ambidextrous slide mounted safety levers. When applied, the safety also automatically lowers (decocks) the hammer, so the gun can be safely carried with a round in the chamber and hammer on half-cock, with the safety either on or off.

Magazine is of double stack, double feed type, with standard capacity of 15 rounds. An 18-round magazine from the Udav pistol also can be used with this handgun. The Poloz Pistol has an automatic slide catch (hold open) device, but features no manual slide release. Instead, the slide is automatically released to load from a fresh magazine as soon as the magazine is inserted into the grip. The pistol features fixed iron sights with white inserts, and a Picatinny rail under the barrel. An optional slide with mounting plate for a compact red dot sight is also available with this model.


Poloz Pistol
Poloz Pistol


Specification Value
Full text name Poloz semiautomatic pistol (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type da
Overall length, mm 180
Barrel length, mm 96
Weight empty, kg 0,73
Magazine capacity, rounds 15