STI 2011 pistol / Staccato 2011 pistol (USA)

The line of “2011” series pistols (STI 2011 pistol, now Staccato 2011 pistol) was originally introduced and manufactured by an American company called STI International. In 2020 this company changed its name to Staccato Inc, adopting the brand name of its latest pistol, Staccato 2011.


STI 2011 Eagle pistol

STI 2011 Eagle pistol


STI 2011 pistol was introduced in mid-1990s as a dedicated practical sport shooting platform, based on the proven and extremely popular Colt M1911 platform. However, it features an indigenous modular frame with wide-body plastic grip, patented by Virgil Tripp and Sandy Strayer in 1994. For many years STI pistols saw use mostly in competition sport shooting such as IPSC or IDPA, but circa 2018 company began expansion to the self-defense and Law Enforcement markets with its new line of Staccato pistols. Of those, 2011 Staccato P (Professional) pistol is primarily geared towards LE and Security users, while 2011 Staccato C and C2 compact pistols are optimized for concealed carry. Pistols like 2011 Staccato XL are still targeted towards sport shooters. The Staccato 2011 pistol is already adopted or approved by many US Law Enforcement organizations and agencies, including the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group.


Staccato P 2011 pistol

Staccato P 2011 pistol, service variant


Staccato XL 2011 pistol

Staccato XL 2011 pistol, sport / target version


Each STI 2011 / Staccato 2011 pistol is built upon a patented frame, which consists of a steel upper part (receiver), with slide rails and trigger housing, and a detachable polymer pistol grip with integrated trigger guard. Grip is connected to the receiver by small screws and can be easily replaced by the shooter.



Staccato 2011 pistol parts diagram

Staccato 2011 pistol parts diagram


All STI 2011 / Staccato 2011 pistols use short recoil operated, locked breech action closely based on the Colt M1911, with single swinging link connecting barrel to the frame and controlling its locking and unlocking movements. A noticeable departure from the classic M1911 pattern is the lack of the separate barrel bushing at the front of the slide. Most STI pistols require some sort of tool to remove recoil spring guide rod during disassembly. Current production Staccato 2011 pistols feature patented recoil spring guide design that does not require any additional tools for its removal and installation during routine maintenance. Pistols use classic Single action trigger with exposed hammer, ambidextrous manual safeties and an automatic grip safety. Most are fitted with adjustable rear sight, and many of modern Staccato 2011 pistols have a mounting interface on the slide which can accept various micro-compact Red Dot sights. Most 2011 style pistols use high capacity double-stack, single feed magazines. While sport pistols are available in a variety of popular calibers, service-type guns such as Staccato P 2011 pistol are offered in the most popular 9x19mm Luger chambering.


Staccato P 2011 pistol with an optional Red Dot sight

Staccato P 2011 pistol with an optional Red Dot sight and extended 20-round magazine


Data for Staccato P2011 pistol

Specification Value
Full text name STI 2011 pistol / Staccato 2011 pistol (USA)
Caliber cartridge 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 203
Barrel length, mm 112
Weight empty, kg 0.93
Magazine capacity, rounds 17, 20