Bersa Thunder 380

Bersa Thunder-380.

Bersa Thunder-380.



Bersa Thunder-380 deluxe with extended magazine.

Bersa Thunder-380 Deluxe with extended magazine.





Type: Double Action

Calibers: 9x17mm Short/Kurz (.380ACP) and 7.65x17SR (.32ACP)

Weight unloaded: 560 gram

Length: 168 mm

Barrel length: 90 mm

Capacity: 7 (9mm) or 9 (7.65mm) rounds standard


Bersa Thunder-380 pistols are manufactured in Argentina by the Bersa S.A. company. This pistol is a compact self-defense side arm for civilians and police. being inexpensive and of good quality, these pistols offer a good level of protection with decent ergonomics. They must not be confused with the larger and more powerful Bersa Thunder 9 and Thunder 40 pistols from the same company.

Bersa Thunder-380 pistols are simple blowback operated, with the return spring located around the barrel. The trigger is a double action type, with exposed hammer. The safety switch is located at the left side of the frame, and, when engaged, automatically decocks the hammer. There is also an internal firing pin safety, which blocks the firing pin unless the trigger is pressed.

The magazine release button is located above and behind the trigger guard, at the left side of the frame, and just below the slide stop lever. The single stack magazine holds seven 9mm (.380) or nine 7.65mm (.32) rounds. Deluxe versions of the Thunder-380 are equipped with extended magazines, which hold nine rounds of 9mm/.380 ammunition. Front sight is integral to the slide, rear fixed sight is dovetailed to the slide. The latest production models also feature an integral key lock, located above the trigger, on the left side of the frame.