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FK Brno Field and FK Brno PSD pistol (Czech Republic)

FK Brno Field pistol was first announced at the IWA 2015 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. Touted as a long range, high power pistol for hunting, self-defense and security, it was developed by Czech company FK Brno as a private project. To achieve desired performance, including effective range of 100 meters, FK Brno developed their own, proprietary cartridge, the 7.5 FK (metric designation 7.5x27mm). This cartridge features bottle-necked rimless case and is loaded with bullets weighting between 6,1 and 6,7 gram, which achieve muzzle velocities of up to 610 m/s and have muzzle energy of up to 1200 Joules – about 2-2.5 times more than an average 9x19mm pistol could achieve. Not surprisingly, 7.5 FK is a rather high pressure cartridge: according to CIP, its max pressure Pmax is 3000 Bar, same as .357 Magnum, while standard 9×19 Luger has Pmax of 2350 Bar. Not surprisingly, pistol that fires such ammunition is rather heavy (1,3 kg empty) and quite expensive (its retail price is about 10 times higher than that of most popular service pistols in 9mm Luger). Use of such pistol for every-day duty carry or home defense is about as practical as use of the famous Desert Eagle pistol for the same role, with added dangers of over-penetration of the high-velocity, relatively small-caliber 7.5mm bullets.


FK Brno Field pistol
FK Brno Field pistol


FK Brno Field pistol
FK Brno Field pistol

To partially alleviate cost and weight limitations of the FK Brno Field pistol, in 2019 FK Brno also offered its polymer-framed PSD pistol. While of the same basic design, it is about 0,2 kg lighter, a bit shorter, and about 4 times less expensive than all-steel Field version. PSD also can change its caliber to more popular and widely available rounds such as 9×19 Liger and 10×25 Auto, although in this configuration utility of the FK Brno PSD pistol is still questionable due to its massive size, weight and cost, when compared to most popular service pistols such as Glock in 9mm or 10mm or Sig-Sauer P320.


FK Brno PSD pistol
FK Brno PSD pistol with red dot sight


FK Brno Field pistol is short recoil operated, locked breech pistol that uses tilting barrel locking. It has more than a passing similarity to famous CZ-75 pistol, but is much larger and uses patented recoil mitigation system with recoil spring and buffer located slightly lower than usual. It has hammer fired, single action trigger, and non-ambidextrous manual safety on the frame. Pistol features proprietary rear sight of somewhat unusual design, and can mount a detachable shoulder stock for long range shooting. FK Brno PSD pistol is more or less similar, but features polymer frame instead of steel one, and can be purchased with optional caliber change sets that include barrels and magazines in appropriate calibers (9×19 and 10 Auto).



FK Brno Field FK Brno PSD
Trigger Single action
Caliber 7.5 FK 7.5 FK, 9×19, 10×25
Weight empty, gram 1300 1100
Length, mm 240 233
Barrel length, mm 152 136
Capacity, rounds 15 16