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HK P30

HK P3000 prototype pistol, which evolved into P30.

HK P3000 prototype pistol, which evolved into P30.


HK P30 pistol.

HK P30 pistol.

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Type Double Action semiautomatic
Caliber(s) 9×19 mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight unloaded 740 g
Length 177 mm
Barrel length 98 mm
Magazine capacity 15 rounds


The HK P30 pistol is the most recent creation of the famous German company Heckler und Koch Gmbh. It was announced in 2006; prototypes, initially known as HK P3000, were demonstrated during previous year. The P30 is a further evolution of the highly successful HK P2000 pistol; it is positioned by manufacturer as an ideal police pistol, but it also could make a very good self-defense weapon for civilians.
HK P30 is technically similar to the HK P2000 pistol; the differences are in exterior appearance and ergonomics. P30 is available in several variants, which differ in the type of the trigger.

The HK P30 pistol is short recoil operated, locked breech pistol that uses modified Browning-type locking. Frame of the pistol is made from impact-resistant polymer. Trigger unit is a separate module; several versions of the trigger unit are available, as described below. Other features of P30 include a double-stack magazine that holds 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition, with ambidextrous magazine release, ambidextrous slide release lever, and modular grip design. The grip shape can be tailored to the particular requirements of each shooter by replacement of the removable backstraps and side grip panels (three sizes of either part are available, designates as S, M and L). Front part of the frame, below the barrel, is shaped to form an integral Picatinny-type accessory rail.

Variations of the HK P30 trigger units:
HK P30 (basic version): exposed two-part hammer with spur. Hammer actually consists of an internal cocking piece which is connected to the main spring, and the hammer itself. After each shot, cocking piece stays cocked, and hammer remains lowered, providing maximum safety and low DA-type trigger pull; cocking piece can be decocked by pressing of the decocker button, located at the rear of the slide, next to the hammer. Trigger pull is 20N (2 kg / 4,5 lbs) in DA mode (cocking piece stays cocked after previous shot) or 51N ( 5,2 kg / 11,4 lbs) if internal cocking piece was lowered using decocker button .
HK P30 V1: same as P30, but hammer has no spur, and there is no decocker button; therefore, the only way to release the cocked mainspring is to pull the trigger over the empty chamber
HK P30 V2: same as V1 but trigger pull is increased to 32,5N ( 3,3 kg / 7,3 lbs)
HK P30 V3: conventional DA / SA unit with single-piece hammer and decocker button at the rear of the slide, next to the hammer. Trigger pull forces same as for basic P30 variant.
HK P30 V4: same as V1 but trigger pull is increased to 27,5N ( 2,8 kg / 6,1 lbs)
HK P30 V5: conventional DAO trigger with spurless single-piece hammer and no decocker. Trigger pull is 36N ( 3,7 kg / 8,1 lbs)
HK P30 V6: same as V5 but trigger pull is increased to 39N ( 4kg / 8,8 lbs)

How to field- strip (disassemble) HK P30 pistol: 1) remove the magazine by pressing the magazine release button; 2) check that the chamber is empty; 3) partially retract the slide, so the slide release lever axle is aligned with the disassembly notch on the slide; 4) press on the slide release axis pin from the right side of the frame, then pull the left slide release lever completely from the left side; note that the right slide release lever will stay in place; 5) carefully ease the slide forward, then pull it toward the front out of the frame; 6) remove the return spring assembly from below the barrel; 7) pull the barrel out of the slide; 8) to remove the right side slide release lever, rotate it upward for about 45 degrees, then pull out of the frame.
Reassemble in reverse order.