Beretta 9000

Beretta 9000S (Italy)


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Type: Double Action (9000S type F) or Double-Action Only (9000S type D)
Chamber: 9x19mm, 9×21 IMI, 40 S&W
Weight unloaded: 730-780 g
Length: 168mm
Barrel length: 88mm
Capacity: 12 rounds (9mm versions) or 10 rounds (.40SW versions) 


This is first polymer frame Beretta handgun ever made. Compact but very potent, this handguns looks pretty good for me, except for front sight blade that may snatch in your pocket. Model 9000S developed in tvo versions – F (single & double action, with manual safety lever that also works as decocker) and D (double action only, without manual safety). Both versions feature an automatic firing pin block that prevents the gun from firing in case of inadvertent drops or strikes against hard surfaces. It is de-activated only when the trigger is pulled back. All 9000S models feature also a chamber-loaded indicator.