Walther PPQ

Walther PPQ pistol


Walther PPQ M2 Sport pistol



Trigger type

Precocked striker


9×19, .40SW

Weight, empty, g


Length, mm


Barrel length, mm


Capacity, rounds

15 (9mm), 12 (.40)


Walther PPQ pistol is an evolutionary development of the successful P99 family of pistols, produced by legendary German company Carl Walther. Designed primary for sport (IPSC, IDPA etc) shooters and for service use, this full-size pistol offers short-reset trigger, fully ambidextrous handling and ergonomic adjustable grip. For special service use, PPQ pistol can be equipped with extended threaded barrel that would accept screw-on sound suppressors (silencers). There’s also a dedicated Sport version with longer (127 mm / 5”) barrel and slide.

Walther PPQ handgun is short recoil operated, locked breech weapon that uses modified Browning locking with tilting barrel. Frame of the gun is made from high strength polymer and features removable grip backstraps (available in three different sizes, supplied with each pistol). Gun is fed from double stack, single feed magazines. Pistol is equipped with proprietary “Quick Defense” trigger with pre-cocked striker and short trigger reset. Lever-type magazine release and slide release controls are ambidextrous (located on both sides of the gun). Walther PPQ M2 differs from standard PPQ pistols by having button-type magazine release at the base of the trigger guard. Standard sights are of fixed, three-dot type with luminous inserts. Picatinny rail for accessories is provided on the frame below the barrel.