FN Browning M1910, M1922

Browning Model 1910

Browning model 1910


Browning Model 1922

Browning model 1922



Browning Model 380 "Renaissance"

Browning Model 380 “Renaissance” grade. Factory engraved, 1922 derivative manufactured post 1971. Made for the United States market.


Browning model 1922, cut-out view.

Browning model 1922, cut away diagram.



Type: Single Action
Chamber: 7.65x17mm Browning (.32ACP) and 9x17mm Browning (.380ACP)
Weight unloaded: model 1910 – ca. 590 g; model 1922 – ca. 700 g
Length: model 1910 – 153 mm; model 1922 – 178 mm
Barrel length: model 1910 – 88 mm; model 1922 – 113 mm
Capacity: model 1910 – 7 (7.65mm) or 6 (9mm) rounds; model 1922 – 9 (7.65mm) or 8 (9mm) rounds


The Model 1910 Pistol was developed by John M. Browning for the Belgian company Fabrique Nationale (FN) Herstal. The Model 1910 had been developed on the foundation of two cartridges, also designed by Browning – the 7.65mm Browning, also known as .32ACP, which had been developed around 1900 for the FN Browning model 1900 Pistol; and the 9mm Browning Short (9x17mm), also known as .380ACP, which, in turn, had been developed in 1908 for the Colt / Browning Model 1908 Pistol.

In 1922, Browning modified the original pistol to suit the requirements of the Yugoslavian military. For this he lengthened the barrel, enlarged the grip and the magazine capacity by two rounds. The slide was also lengthened by adding a removable frontal portion to the model 1910 slide.

Both models 1910 and 1922 were manufactured in large quantities until 1983 or so, when these gun models were replaced by the FN model 140DA / Browning BDA380 pistols. In the USA both model 1910 and model 1922 were imported under the name of “Browning 380 pistol”, chambered in .380ACP.

After 1971, these guns were factory fitted with ajustable target type sights and slightly enlarged grips to suit contemporary changes in US gun laws. Between the two World Wars these pistols became very popular across Europe as police, military and self defence guns. It is also a well known piece of folk lore surrounding this weapon, that the First World War was started by a Browning M1910 Pistol. It was one of these which had been used in 1914 to assasinate the Archduke Ferdinand.

Technically, both the M1910 and M1922 (also known as ‘Model 1910/22’), are blowback operated semi automatic pistols. The recoil spring is located around the barrel, the trigger is of single action type and the gun is striker fired. Both models featured three safeties.  Magazine safety (which blocks the firing when magazine is removed), automatic grip safety and also a manual, frame mounted safety.