SIG-Sauer P224



Trigger type

Double / single action


9×19, .40SW, .357SIG

Weight, empty

840 g / 29 Oz


170 mm /6.7”

Barrel length

89 mm / 3.5”


12 rounds (9mm), 10 rounds (.357 and .40)


SIG-Sauer P224 subcompact pistol is a relatively new product of the US-based branch of the international SIG-Sauer corporation. It is intended primary as a concealed carry weapon for law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens alike, combining small size with good magazine capacity and stopping power of some of most popular calibers, such as 9×19 and .40SW.


P224 is a semi-automatic pistol with double / single action trigger and external hammer. It has a number of internal safeties, plus an external decocking lever. It uses modified Browning-type locking system with short recoiling barrel that tips down to unlock from the slide, using cam-shaped cut below the breech. Frame of the P224 pistol is made from aluminum alloy, slide is made from stainless steel. All parts are covered by corrosion- and wear-resistant Nitron or Nickel finish. Ammunition is fed from double stack, single feed box magazines. Standard capacity is 12 rounds of 9×19 ammo or 10 rounds of .357 and .40 caliber ammo. All versions are equipped with fixed, SIGLITE sights with luminous inserts which are especially useful under low light conditions.