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The FN HiPer pistol (Belgium)

The FN HiPer pistol was officially introduced in 2022 and is intended primarily for European military, law enforcement and security markets. Designed and produced by the famous Fabrique Nationale factory in Liege, Belgium, the FN HiPer handgun is advertised as the most modern sidearm for service use. It has all common features which are considered to be “the trend” in modern service sidearms, such as polymer frame with modular grip panels, striker-fired trigger unit with no manual safeties, and capability to mount modern accessories and red dot sights. It also has some novel features, and it is yet to be seen how this pistol would perform against the market leaders such as the Glock 17 and 19 or the SIG Sauer P320. As for its unusual name, the HiPer obviously means the “High Performance”, but also is a sort of homage to the famous FN High Power pistol of the last century.


The FN HiPer pistol
The FN HiPer pistol


The FN HiPer pistol is a short-recoil operated, locked breech handgun. It uses a traditional Browning-type action with tilting barrel, which is controlled by a cam lug below the breech. Locking is achieved by a single lug that engages an enlarged ejection port in the slide. The frame is made from an impact-resistant polymer, and has a chassis-type insert made from steel, which bears the slide rails. Striker-fired trigger unit has several automated safeties. No manual safeties are present on the gun. Gun uses proprietary magazines with plastic bodies that hold 15 rounds of ammunition in two rows, with single feed. Magazine release levers are made on either side of the grip, and are somewhat unusual in location and operation. To release the magazine, either of the two independent levers, which are located on both sides of the grip, must be pressed down. The slide stop levers also are located somewhat further to the rear than on most modern pistols. FN claims that this position of controls is more comfortable to use.


The FN HiPer MRD pistol with a Red Dot sight installed
The FN HiPer MRD pistol with a Red Dot sight installed


The FN HiPer pistol features fixed, removable iron sights. An optional MRD version has the slide with milled mounting plate to accept various Micro Red Dot sights.


Specification Value
Full text name The FN HiPer pistol (Belgium)
Caliber cartridge 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sas: Pre-cocked striker
Overall length, mm 180
Barrel length, mm 100
Weight empty, kg 0.73
Magazine capacity, rounds 15