Ruger P345


Trigger type

Double action



Weight, empty

760 g


194 mm

Barrel length

108 mm


8 rounds


Ruger P345 pistol was introduced by American company Sturm, Ruger & Co in 2004 as a replacement to their previous Ruger P97 pistol in the same caliber. It offered better ergonomics and added safety measures according to legislative requirements of certain USstates, such as magazine disconnect and loaded chamber indicator. Ruger P345 pistol was discontinued in 2012, to be replaced with Ruger SR45 handgun.


Ruger P345 handgun is polymer framed, short recoil operated, locked breech pistols that use modified Browning cam-operated locking system to control locking and unlocking movement of the barrel. Barrel locks to the slide using single large lug at the top that enters the ejection opening in the slide. Hammer fired trigger system features traditional double action with slide mounted safety or decocker levers. P345 uses single-stack magazines holding 8 rounds of .45 ammunition, compatible with previous generations of Ruger pistols in the same caliber. It also features fixed sights dovetailed to the slide, and an accessory rail on the frame below the barrel.