Tara TM9

TARA TM9 Pistol

TARA TM9 Pistol



Trigger type

Double / single action



Weight, empty

750 g / 26 Oz


187 mm / 7.4”

Barrel length

113 mm / 4.5”


17 rounds


The Tara TM9 pistol is a product of the Montenegrin company Tara Perfection DOO. The TM9 pistol was fist displayed to the international public at the Milipol-2013 exhibition in Paris.

It’s a modern, service type pistol with all the necessary features. These include a lightweight but durable polymer frame, low bore axis and safe disassembly procedure that does not require pulling the trigger. The design is durable enough to be backed by a 50,000 round factory warranty for all major parts.

It’s often compared superficially with the Glock range of pistols, but internally definitely it’s own weapon.

Technical Description:

The Tara TM9 pistol is a semi-automatic pistol with double / single action trigger and internal striker. TARA’s featured DARE trigger unit offers very short trigger reset (about 3mm) when firing in Single Action mode. This is combined with the necessarily longer, but relatively light, traditional double action trigger pull.  This could be useful in the rare case of a misfire and Tara claims that in that scenario there is no need to rack the slide, but only pull the trigger again to reset and fire the striker. It has a number of internal safeties, and no manual safeties.

The TM9 pistol uses a modified Browning-type locking system with short recoiling barrel that tips down to unlock from the slide, using a cam-shaped cut below the breech. The  frame of the TM9 pistol is made from polymer, with steel slide rail inserts. The slide is machined from stainless steel. All parts are covered by corrosion- and wear-resistant finish.

Ammunition is fed from double stack, single feed box magazines, made of steel. Standard capacity is 17 rounds. The magazine release button can be operated from either side of the gun. The top-mounted extractor also serves as a loaded chamber indicator.

This pistol is equipped with three-dot sights, dovetailed into the slide, which can be easily replaced by aftermarket luminous sights of the user’s choice. An integral Picatinny rail is built into the frame below the barrel.

Pistol grip is provided with removable backstrap. Three backstraps of different sizes are included with each gun to better accommodate various users. Apparently, extended threaded barrels are produced for TM9 pistols to accept detachable sound suppressors.