SR-1 PM (SR1PM) pistol


SR-1 PM (SR1PM) pistol


SR-1 PM (SR1PM) pistol



Trigger type

Double action


9×21 SP-10

Weight, empty

1000 g


200 mm

Barrel length

? mm


18 rounds



SR-1 PM (SR1PM) pistol is a recent development of the Russian Central Scientific Research Institute  for Precision machine building (TSNIITOCHMAS), a leading Russian R&D, testing and manufacturing organization responsible for development and testing of small arms. The SR1PM pistol is a derivative of the earlier SR1M handgun, using similar polymer frame, trigger and magazines, but featuring different type of action (simple blowback instead of the locked breech, short recoil). The reason behind this system is that blowback weapon can be easily converted between full power service ammunition (with AP, FMJ or JHP bullets) and low-power “marking” (force-on-force training) rounds that fire polymer capsules loaded with paint. Due to relatively high recoil impulse of the service 9×21 ammunition (which is unique and used only in parent SR1/SR1M pistol and SR2M submachine gun), the slide of the SR1MP pistol is bulky and heavy, making the gun rather heavier than other polymer-framed service pistols with comparable magazine capacities.


SR-1 PM (SR1PM)  pistol is a semi-automatic handgun with polymer frame and double action trigger with exposed hammer. It features simple blowback action with recoiling barrel, which is not locked to the slide at any time. Overall recoil of the barrel is rather short, about 5mm. There’s no manual safeties, but gun has two external automated safeties – one on the trigger and another on the rear of the grip. Double stack, double feed magazine holds 18 rounds of ammunition. Slide catch is an internal design; once slide is locked back over the expended magazine, inserting a fresh magazine automatically releases the slide forward, chambering first round. Pistol is equipped with fixed iron sights; a proprietary accessory rail is available at the frame, under the barrel. The “marking / training” kit features different barrel and a much lighter slide of different (bright) color.