CF07, CS/LP5


Trigger type

Double action



Weight, empty

640 g


160 mm

Barrel length

90 mm


7 rounds



CF07 pistol, also known as CS/LP5 or NORINCO NP-42 Mini, is a modern compact pistol produced in Chinaby Chang Feng Industries. As CF07, this pistol is adopted by Chinese law enforcement organizations; as CS/LP5 or NORINCO NP-42 Mini it is offered for international export sales. This pistol is clearly based on the full-size QSZ92 / NORINCO NP-42 pistol, but with many modifications.


CF07 pistol is a semi-automatic pistol with polymer frame and double action trigger with exposed hammer. It features delayed blowback action with non-recoiling rotating barrel, similar to that of the US Savage pistols from a century before. Manual safety is located on both sides of the frame. Gun is fed using single-stack magazines with 7 rounds capacity.