Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver (Germany / USA)

 Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver
Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver with clam-shell noise-reducing covers open and cylinder swung out for reloading. This version has no shoulder stock, and is euipped with optical scope and laser aiming unit on top


 Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver
another Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver; this one is fitted with side-folding shoulder stock, red dot sight and a tactical flaslight below the suppressor body


Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver was designed in about 1993 and manufactured in very small numbers by German gunsmith Joe Peters. These unusual weapons were apparently ordered and purchased by German special police force SEK (Spezialeinsatzkommando) for high risk operations against organized crime gangs and terrorists.

The core of the PSDR suppressed / silenced revolver is the US-made Smith&Wesson model 625 double action revolver, heavily modified by Peters. This conventional, swing-out cylinder six-gun is fitted with a new cylinder with obturating rings at the front. The cylinder and frame are enclosed into a clam-shell like case that captures powder gases which escape from the remaining gap between the cylinder and barrel. Reloading of the gun involves opening clam-shell doors on both sides, swinging out the cylinder in usual way, ejecting spent cases and loading frech ammunition. After that, cylinder is closed and clam-shell doors closed, and gun is ready to be fired. Revolver is fitted with new barrel, which in turn in enclosed inside a sound suppressor / silencer casing. Top of the frame is provided with the mounting interface for a handgun scope, and a tactical light or laser can be installed below the sound suppressor. Since the gun is fairy heavy, it can equipped with the folding shoulder stock which folds sideways. To facilitate fast reloads, ammunition is loaded and unloaded using 6-round moon clips.


Specification Value
Full text name Peters PSDR III suppressed / silenced revolver (Germany / USA)
Caliber cartridge .45 ACP .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (11.43x25)
Action type manual
Trigger type da
Length, folded, mm 440
Barrel length, mm 200
Weight empty, kg 3,4
Magazine capacity, rounds 6