FK Field Tactical

FK Brno Defense Field Tactical pistol


FK Brno Defense Field Tactical pistol with detachable shoulder stock


7.5x27mm FK ammunition


Trigger type

Double action


7.5×27 FK

Weight, empty

1.2 kg


240 mm

Barrel length

150 mm


14 rounds


The Field Tactical pistol was first introduced during IWA 2015 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. Designed by the small company Brno Defense from CzechRepublic(originally known as FK Brno Engineering SRO), a year later (spring of 2016) it still remains in the prototype stage. It is advertised as an extremely powerful and accurate “100-meter pistol”, that fires proprietary 7.5×27 FK ammunition, propelling 6.5 gram projectiles to muzzle velocities of about 610 meters per second, and generating about 1200 Joules of muzzle energy (about twice of the typical modern 9mm service pistol). It seems that the only field where this large and powerful weapon can achieve any degree of the commercial success is the same niche as already occupied with famous Desert Eagle pistol – that is, handgun hunting and fun shooting. This pistol is way too heavy and large for a modern service sidearm, and its theoretical “100-meter” effectiveness can be achieved only in ideal range conditions; in fact, if range to your target during combat is any longer than, say, 15-20 meters, you need a LONG GUN (rifle or submachine gun, or a shotgun firing slugs). The FK Field pistol tries to offset inherent limitations of practical handgun accuracy with introduction of a detachable shoulder stock, but it’s still a solution more suitable for plinkers or hunters than for police or military operators. The proprietary ammunition also somehow limits the usefulness of the gun in question.


The FK Field Tactical pistol is an all-steel double action handgun broadly based on a venerable CZ-75 design. It uses hammer-fired double action trigger, and Browning-type short recoil operation with vertically tilting barrel. To alleviate excessive recoil of powerful proprietary ammunition, pistol is equipped with special recoil buffer, located inside the frame below the barrel. It is fed using detachable double stack, single feed magazines with 14-round capacity. Folding detachable shoulder stock is available as an accessory.