FR F2, FR G2, FRF2, FRG2 Sniper Rifle (France)

FR F2 sniper rifle (FRF2, Fusil à Répétition modèle F2, Repeating rifle model F2) is a standard issue sniper rifle of French armed forces since 1985. It was designed by GIAT as an improved model of the FR F1 sniper rifle, featuring same action but fitted with new barrel, new bipod and new sights.


FR F2 sniper rifle
FR F2 sniper rifle


During early 1990s GIAT Industries, a French-based military industry conglomerate, developed FR G series of sniper rifles, consisting of FR G1, FR G2 and FR G3 sniper rifles. Those were cheaper variations of the FR F2 sniper rifle, built using surplus MAS M1936/51 rifle actions instead of newly manufactured, more robust and more expensive FR F1 / F2 actions. Of those, FR G2 rifle saw limited use with special operations elements of French Air Force, and FR G3 was sold to civilians as a hunting or target rifle, chambered for 7mm-08 (7x51mm) sporting ammunition.

FR F2 sniper rifle was designed around an improved MAS M1936 action and bolt group, which was strengthened and redesigned to ensure better accuracy. It features manually operated, rotary bolt with dual locking lugs at the rear of the bolt. Ammunition is fed from detachable box magazines with 10-round capacity. Barrel is free floated and equipped with flash hider. It is enclosed into characteristic plastic sleeve, which intended to reduce heat signature of the barrel. Furniture consists of a plastic forend, wooden shoulder stock and pistol grip. Shoulder stock can be adjusted for length of pull using wooden spacers, and has cheek rest. Rifle is fitted with manual safety, located at the rear of the trigger. Adjustable folding bipod is attached to the receiver, with hinge placed above the barrel.
Standard sighting equipment can be either a day-time telescopic sight on a quick detachable mount or day/night SAGEM sight which combines day-time optics, IR channel and laser rangefinder in one unit. Back-up iron sights are provided on each rifle.


FR F2 sniper rifle
FR F2 sniper rifle with SAGEM electro-optical sight


Specification Value
Full text name FR F2, FR G2, FRF2, FRG2 Sniper Rifle (France)
Caliber cartridge 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1200
Barrel length, mm 600
Weight empty, kg 5.1
Magazine capacity, rounds 10