M99B / M06

M99B anti-materiel / sniper riflewith daylight telescope sight.
M99B anti-materiel / sniper riflewith daylight telescope sight.
Image: Poly Technologies Ltd


M06 anti-materiel / sniper rifle with electronic night sight.
M06 anti-materiel / sniper rifle with electronic night sight.


Caliber(s): 12,7×108 (M99B-I and M06) or 12,7×99 / .50BMG (M99B-II)
Operation: gas operated semi-automatic
Barrel: mm
Weight: ~12 kg (unloaded, less telescope sight)
Length: 1250 mm (M99B) or 1360 mm (M06)
Feed Mechanism: 5-round detachable drum magazine


This rifle first appeared in Chinese press as 12,7mm M99B, but it also was recently publicized as M06. It must be noted, however, that in official advertising literature, distributed by Poly Technologies Ltd, an export sales organization of the PLA, this rifle is designated as M99B. It appears that M06 rifle, which is slightly longer than M99B and is listed only with one caliber (12,7×108) is a"domestic use" version for PLA or PAP, while shorter and bi-caliber M99B is an export proposition. 
 This rifle is offered as anti-materiel / anti-sniper weapon, and is available for export in two calibers – 12,7×108 (M99B-I) and 12,7×99 / .50BMG (M99B-II).No firm facts are available on accuracy of this weapon, but it is believed that it shoots about 2 MOA with Chinese standard issue ammunition (available information suggests R50 accuracy as less than 200mm at 600m). This is way below Western "sniping" standards but more or less enough for anti-materiel work or short-range enemy snipers suppression.

The basic design of this rifle appears to be a bull-pup variation of the M99rifle. Not much information is available on internals of this rifle,although it is believed that it uses gas operated action with tipping bolt locking. Feed is from detachable drum magazines (which is rather unusual for this class of weapons), holding five rounds of ammunition. Ejection is to the right side. Rifle is fitted with adjustable bipod, adjustable rear monopod, and buffered buttstock. Left side of receiver is fitted with Picatinny style rail which will accept a variety of sighting equipment on appropriate mounts. Typical sighting set-up includes 10X fixed power telescope or 4X electronic night sights.