Peregrino FS50

Peregrino FS50 sniper rifle in combat-ready position


Peregrino FS50 sniper rifle in collapsed position, most suitable for transportation and storage



12,7×99 (.50 BMG)


Single shot

Overall length

1450mm (57”); 1100mm (43.3”) with barrel collapsed

Barrel length

762 mm (30”)

Weight, with scope and bipod

13kg (28.6 lbs)

Magazine capacity


Peregrino FS50 large caliber sniper / anti-materiel rifle is an indigenous weapon, designed and manufactured in Uruguay. It was designed by Engineer Aldo Ipuche, with the support of the Materials and Arms Division of the National Army (Servicio de Material y Armamento del Ejército Nacional). This rifle is already in use by Special Forces of Uruguay. According to the manufacturer, Peregrino FS50 sniper rifle is capable of Sub-MOA accuracy with sniper / match grade .50-caliber ammunition. Its most interesting feature is that the barrel can be easily collapsed back into the receiver for more compact storage and transportation, reducing overall length of the weapon by 35cm (14”). Process of transformation from carry / transport position to combat-ready position involves removal of the buttplate and unscrewing / screwing back the barrel nut. It takes less than one minute to transform rifle from “collapsed” to “ready to fire” position or back. It must be noted that rifle is designed to hold the zero after being collapsed and then returned to battle ready position numerous times.


The Peregrino FS50 sniper rifle is manually operated, single shot rifle. It uses rotary bolt action with dual frontal locking lugs. Rifle is made entirely from the steel, ensuring durability and strength. Barrel is equipped with massive and highly effective muzzle brake. Sights (daylight telescope or night/IR) are installed on the integral Picatinny rail which is attached to the barrel, to ensure maximum accuracy and zero retention. Standard accessories include folding adjustable bipod and shell holder, attached to the rear of the receiver for faster reloads.