Serbu BFG-50

Serbu BFG-50 target / sniper rifle




BFG-50 carbine


12,7×99 (.50 BMG)

12,7×99 (.50 BMG)


Single shot bolt action

Single shot bolt action

Overall length

1308 mm (51.5”)

1118 mm (44”)

Barrel length

749 mm (29.5”)

559 mm (22”)

Weight, with scope and empty magazine

10 kg (22lbs)

7.7 kg (17lbs)

Magazine capacity


Serbu BFG-50 rifle was developed in around 1999 by Mark Serbu, owner and chief designer of the US-based private company Serbu Firearms Inc. Devised as an affordable, yet high quality and accurate fifty caliber weapon for civilian shooters, it can be used for long range target shooting, as well as for certain law enforcement and military applications, such as hard target interdiction or unexploded explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). With proper scope and ammunition, and in trained hands the Serbu BFG-50 rifle can deliver sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of about 1,000 meters.


Serbu BFG-50 target / sniper rifle is a manually operated, rotary bolt action, single shot weapon. It uses bolt with dual locking lugs at the front of the bolt head, that engage recesses in the receiver. All major components of the rifle are made of high-grade steel. "The receiver is a simple weldment of 3 main parts; a rear tube in which the bolt travels, a barrel extension (or breech) into which the bolt locks and the barrel threads into, and a perforated handguard tube. Trigger unit with pistol grip and manual safety is attached to the bottom of receiver with two cross-pins. Match-grade barrels are screwed into the receiver, and fitted with effective muzzle brake of proprietary design. Serbu offers BFG-50 in three major configurations – “standard” (with barrel 29.5 inches long), “heavy barrel” (heavy profile barrel 36 inches long) and “carbine” (with barrel 22 inches long and shorter handguard). In all configurations barrel is free-floating inside the jacket for maximum accuracy. Normally, BFG-50 rifles are manufactured without any open (“iron”) sights. Instead, integral sight base with detachable Picatinny rail is provided to mount a telescope sight of owner's choice. Additional short length of a Picatinny rail is attached below the front of the barrel jacket to accept detachable folding bipod with appropriate mount.

Special thanks to Mark Serbu for his invaluable help