Barrett MRAD Sniper Rifle (USA)

Barrett MRAD Sniper Rifle



.338 Lapua (also.300 Win Mag and .308 Win)


Manually operated, rotary bolt

Overall length

1255  mm (w.660mm barrel)

Barrel length

510, 620 or 660 mm

Weight, empty, w/o scope

6.7 kg (.338LM, 660mm barrel)

Magazine capacity

10 rounds


Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptable Design) Sniper Rifle was derived from earlier Barrett model 99B sniper rifle in an attempt to satisfy US SOCOM PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) requirements, issued late in 2009. Barrett MRAD design did not won SOCOM trials, but entered commercial production and is now sold for civilian shooters and various government organizations (police and security forces) worldwide. It is a modular, multi-caliber rifle that can be adapted to many tactical scenarios from short-range urban sniping to long range military actions of precision target shooting. With proper match grade ammunition, this rifle can deliver sub-MOA accuracy at all practical ranges.

In 2019 the USSOCOM adopted a Barrett MRAD sniper rifle as the MK 22 MOD 0 ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle), which can be interchangeably chambered for ammunition in calibers 7.62x51mm NATO, .300 Norma Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum. Shortly afterwards the US Army adopted this rifle as the MK 22 PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle), which fires same calibers but uses different optics and accessories.

The Barrett MRAD Sniper Rifle is a manually operated, bolt action rifle. It features rotary bolt locking; the bolt has removable bolt heads to be used for various calibers, and a sliding internal dust cover that protects the internals of the receiver from ingress of external dirt, dust and moisture when bolt is in the forward position. Rifle also features quick detachable barrels, available in a variety of calibers and lengths, which can be replaced by the user with provision of a single Torx wrench. Receiver of the rifle is made from aluminum alloy, removable trigger pack is fully adjustable. Rifle is equipped with side-folding, adjustable shoulder stock. Stock folds to the right, blocking the bolt handle when folded (rifle cannot be cycled with stock folded). The receiver and handguard are provided with MIL-STD (Picatinny) rails that can host variety of sighting devices, and other accessories such as bipods or night vision adapters. Ammunition is fed using detachable box magazines.