WKW Wilk / Tor large caliber sniper / antimaterial rifle (Poland)


Caliber(s): .50 BMG / 12.7x99mm
Operation: manually operated rotary bolt action
Barrel: 880 mm
Weight: 16.1 kg
Length: 1350 mm
Feed Mechanism: 7 rounds detachable box magazine

The WKW "Wilk" / "Tor" is a modern anti-materiel / sniper rifle, produced in Poland by factory Zakłady Mechaniczne TARNÓW S.A.. WKW "Wilk" stands for Wielkokalibrowy Karabin Wyborowy "Wilk", that is, large caliber sniper rifle "Wolf" in Polish language. Its military designation in Polish army is "Tor". This rifle was developed in 2000-2004 timeframe, and first selected units in Polish army apparently received "Wilk" / "Tor" rifles in around 2005. 

The WKW "Wilk" / "Tor" anti-materiel / sniper rifle is manually operated rotary bolt action weapon of bullpup layout. It is fed from detachable box magazines, and is fitted with folding adjustable bipod and adjustable rear monopod. Standard sighting equipment is a Schmidt & Bender X3−12 P/MII telescope sight, installed on Picatinny rail above the receiver.