.338 Lapua Magnum


Manually operated, bolt action

Overall length

1100 mm

Barrel length


Weight, empty, w/o scope and suppressor

5,5 kg

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


8.6mm VSV-338 is a new long range sniper rifle developed by “Kalashnikov” concern for special military and law enforcement applications. Chambered for the powerful .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition, this rifle can effectively engage individual targets at ranges of up to 1 500 meters. With match or sniper grade ammunition this rifle delivers accuracy of 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) or better.


VSV-338 is a manually operated, rotary bolt action rifle. It has bolt with three frontal radial lugs that lock directly into the barrel extension. Barrel is removable and can be replaced by operator or unit armorer with minimum use of tools. Rifle is built on a modular, aluminum alloy stock with side folding and adjustable shoulder stock and Key-MOD forend.

Trigger unit is fully adjustable for pull, position and take-up. Manual safety locks the trigger, sear and bolt when engaged.

Rifle is fed using detachable box magazines. Sighting equipment can be installed using integrated Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver. Barrel is equipped with high efficiency muzzle brake. Standard accessories include detachable bipod and a sound suppressor that can be installed over the muzzle brake.