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GOL-Sniper Magnum rifle, right side.
GOL-Sniper Magnum rifle, right side.


GOL-Sniper Magnum rifle, left side.
GOL-Sniper Magnum rifle, left side.


Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win), also .300 Win Mag in GOL-Sniper S;.338 Lapua in GOL-Sniper Magnum
Operation: manually operated, bolt action rifle
Barrel: 710 mm (GOL-Sniper Magnum)
Weight: varies with configuration
Length: varies with configuration
Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box magazine
Expected accuracy: less than 1 MOA with match-grade factory ammunition


GOL-Sniperrifles are manufactured in Germany by the Herr Gottfried Prechtl, one of thebest German gunsmiths specializing in custom Mauser rifles. GOL-Sniper riflesare available in tactical, as well as in sporting / match configurations, withvarious options and barrel lengths. Standard caliber GOL-Sniper rifles are basedon the Sako 591 / L691 actions, fitted to aluminium bedded block and equippedwith match grade barrels. Magnum caliber GOL-Sniper rifles are based on customMagnum Mauser actions, manufactured by Prechtl, and fitted with Lothar Walther precisionbarrels. The latest in the GOL-Sniper line is the GOL-Sniper 04 action, whichcombines a specially designed, precision machined solid receiver with relativelysmall ejection window, fitted with the same legendary Mauser bolt. These riflesare used by several German police units, as well as a numbers of European targetand sport shooters. In all versions, GOL-Sniper rifle actions are bedded intoproprietary Sto-Con stocks, made from walnut. These stocks are designed to beslightly flexible at the butt, thus significantly reducing the felt recoil andallowing for more accurate shooting. Length of pull on these stocks isadjustable with special inserts, position of the cheek rest is adjustable withbuilt-in screw. As there rifles are in fact custom manufactured per requisitionsof every customer, there are many options and configurations, but in every caseGOL-Sniper rifles are capable of outstanding accuracy, and, thanks to thetime-proven Mauser actions, are very reliable.