SIG-Sauer SSG 2000


SIG-Sauer SSG 2000 (Swiss)


Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win); also .300 Wincester magnum and 7.5x55mm swiss
Operation: bolt action
Barrel: 610 mm
Weight: 6.6 kg empty with scope
Length: 1210 mm
Feed Mechanism: 4 rounds box mag.


The SSG-2000 sniper rifle is an another joint effort by Swiss company SIG Arms (now SAN Swiss Arms) and German company J.P.Sauer & Sohn. Production of the SSG-2000 started in 1989 and it is still in production. SSG-2000 is used by many police units in Swiss, Great Britain, Jordan, Argentine, Taiwan and in other countries.

The SSG-2000 is derived from Sauer 80/90 target rifle. It has bolt action with rotating handle, but non-rotating bolt. When handle is rotated to close action, six lugs are driven onwards from the rear part of the bolt body to lock into the receiver. The action also features loaded chamber indicator. The heavy barrel is hammer forged and has flash hiddr/muzzle brake unit installed. The wooden stock is ajustable. Trigger is two-stage.
SSG-2000 has no iron sights by default and is usually fitted with Schmidt &Bender X1.5-6×42 variable power or Zeiss Diatal ZA 8x56T fixed power telescope sight