Enfield L42A1 and Enforcer

Enfield L42A1 military sniper rifle.
Enfield L42A1 military sniper rifle.


Enfield "Enforcer" police sniper rifle.
Enfield "Enforcer" police sniper rifle.


Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: manual, rotating bolt
Barrel: 700 mm
Weight: 4.42 kg
Length: 1180 mm
Feed Mechanism: 10 rounds detachable box magazine


After the adoption of the 7.62x51mm round as the NATO standard rifle round in 1950s, British Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) at Enfield Lock developed a conversion for many surpulus .303 British caliber Lee-Enfield SMLE No.4 rifles. The conversion included new, heavy barrel, chambered for 7.62mm NATO ammunition, shortened forend and handguard. This conversion was intended for competitive shooting. The civilian version had been known as Enfield "Envoy" match rifle, military target rifle was designated as L39A1. Both versions fetaured ajustable open sights.

Later, with the addition of the scope mounting bracket to the left side of the receiver, the L39A1 became the L42A1 military sniper rifle.

Early in the 1970, RSAF developed a police version of the L42A1, called "Enforcer". It differed from L42 by having more sporterised buttstock with semi-pistol grip and integral cheeckpiece. It also used match type open sights and commercial telescopic sights.

Production of the "Enforcer" and L42 rifles ceased circa 1985, and it was replaced in military service by Accuraly Intl. L96A1 rifle.