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Szep M1 sniper rifle (Hungary)

Szep M1 sniper rifles
Szep M1 sniper rifles (photo by Kristóf Nagy)


Szep M1 sniper rifles
Szep M1 sniper rifles (photo by Kristóf Nagy)


The Szep M1 sniper rifle was designed in around 2008 by Hungarian army officer Ferenc Szép. Originally named as “Medium-caliber Szép sniping rifle”, it was later put into limited production by Hungarian company Bátori-Épszol Ltd. It appears that Szep M1 rifle is now issued to Special Forces elements of the Hungarian army.

Szep M1 sniper rifle is a manually operated precision weapon with bullpup layout. It features rotary bolt locking with three frontal bolt lugs and relatively short bold body. Compact receiver is equipped with cheek rest / top cover made from carbon-filled polymer. Most of the barrel is enclosed into the tubular casing that protects the barrel and ensures “free-float” design by mounting bipods and other accessories to the casing rather than to the barrel. Rifle has somewhat unusual appearance due to large magazine housing, connected at the bottom to the pistol grip. Ammunition is fed from proprietary single stack box magazines. Rifle is equipped with wooden forend and rubber buttpad. No iron sights are present, and day or night optics are mounted using Picatinny rail, attached to the top of the receiver. Standard accessories include detachable folding bipod and an adjustable monopod, attached at the rear of the magazine housing.

Specification Value
Full text name Szep M1 sniper rifle (Hungary)
Caliber cartridge 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 935
Barrel length, mm 650
Weight empty, kg 5.5
Magazine capacity, rounds 5