SIG 50



12.7×99 / .50 BMG


Bolt action

Overall length

1448 mm / 57”

Barrel length

737 mm / 29”

Weight, with empty magazine

10.7 kg / 23.5 lbs

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


SIG 50 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is a joint effort of the US-based branch of the famous international SIG SAUER arms making company and another US company, McMillan rifles. It was born from requirement for .50 caliber sniper / anti-materiel rifle, issued from one of SIG SAUER international customers. Not willing to reinvent the wheel, SIG SAUER managers turned to McMillan with request to develop such rifle to their specifications. As a result, SIG 50 rifle was born as a modified McMillan TAC-50 rifle, slightly lightened and with modified ergonomics. SIG 50 rifles are built in USA by McMillan, but sold and supported by SIG SAUER. Claimed accuracy with match-grade ammunition is less than 1 MOA at all effective ranges (Sub-MOA).

SIG 50 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is manually operated, bolt action firearm with rotating bolt. It uses stainless steel barrel with massive muzzle brake to reduce felt recoil. Rifle is fitted with McMillan polymer stock with detachable shoulder piece that has adjustable cheek rest and buttpad. Rifle is equipped with adjustable folding bipod, but also can be fired off-hand in emergency. Sighting means are provided by installing any mission- or customer-specific telescope sight using integral Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver. Rifle is fed using detachable single stack box magazines with 5-round capacity.