Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle (USA)

The Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle is a new long range precision weapon, introduced by an American company Barret Firearms in 2023. This rifle is an evolutionary product, based on a very successful Barret MRAD rifle, and adapted to fire more powerful cartridges such as .416 Barret. This new rifle is capable of reaching out to very long ranges in excess of two thousand meters, and it was already used in long range precision rifle matches such as the “King of two miles”, where the farthest target is located at a distance of more than 3,200 meters.


Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle

Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle


The Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle is a manually operated bolt action rifle. It uses a rotary bolt with removable bolt head, which, along with a detachable barrel, allows for easy caliber change by and end user. The bolt head with three sets of radial locking lugs engages the barrel extension. At this moment, this rifle is offered in two calibers, the more powerful .416 Barrett (10.4x83mm, based on an .50BMG case), and a somewhat less powerful, yet very efficient .375 EnABELR (9.5x70mm), which is specifically designed to launch long and heavy (for its caliber) VLD bullets with a very high ballistic coefficient.

Rifle is built on a monolithic upper receiver, made from aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy lower receiver, along with the magazine housing, trigger unit, pistol grip and a shoulder stock is attached to the upper receiver by two captive cross-pins. Ammunition is fed from detachable plastic magazines. Each magazine holds five rounds in a single stack. Surprisingly, Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle has a fixed (non-folding) shoulder stock, which makes it somewhat inconvenient to carry “in the field”, as the rifle is rather long at slightly more than 1,5 meters. The shoulder stock is fitted with a fully adjustable cheek rest and an adjustable recoil pad.
The rifle is intended for use with a variety of high-power telescope sights, which can be installed onto the integral Picatinny rail above the receiver. Other accessories can be attached to the forend using the M-LOK interface.

Barrett MRADELR sniper rifle specifications:

  • Caliber: .416 Barret, .375 EnABELR
  • Overall length: 1575 mm
  • Barrel length: 914 mm
  • Empty weight: 10.4 kg w/o scope, bipod and other accessories
  • Magazine capacity: 5 rounds