Крупнокалиберная снайперская винтовка Steyr .50 HS(Австрия)

Steyr .50HS heavy sniperrifle, with folded bipod.
Steyr .50HS heavy sniper rifle, with folded bipod.


Specification Value
Full text name Крупнокалиберная снайперская винтовка Steyr .50 HS(Австрия)
Caliber cartridge .50 BMG (12.7x99 Browning Machine Gun)
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1370
Barrel length, mm 833
Weight empty, kg 12.4
Magazine capacity, rounds 1

The Steyr .50 HS is  the development of the famous Austrian arms manufacturer, the SteyrMannlicher Gmbh & Co KG. First displayed at the ShotShow-2004 (February2004, Las-Vegas, USA), this single shot rifle is primary intended for anti-material applications and counter-sniping. The Steyr .50HS is available in two calibers, the old and venerable .50BMG and the new .460Steyr .

The Steyr .50 HS is a single shot rifle,with manually operated, rotating bolt with two large locking lugs at the front.The two-stage trigger is factory set to 4lbs (1.8kg). The buttstock is adjustable for length of pull, the cheekpiece is also adjustable. Heavy barrel is partially fluted and fitted with effective muzzle brake. Steyr .50 HS has no iron sights; the MilStd Picatinny rail is standard. Rifle is not intended to be fired off-hand; it is fitted with integral folding adjustable bipods.