AI AE series rifle with Harrisbipod and optional 8 rounds magazine.
AI AE sniper rifle with Harrisbipod and optional 8 rounds magazine.


Caliber: 7.62mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: manually operated, bolt action
Barrel: 610 mm
Weight: 6 kg empty, w/o scope
Length: 1120 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 or 8 rounds detachable box magazine.


The AE rifle is a product of the famous Accuracy International (AI)company of Great Britain. The AE is a "value" version of the famous AWand AWP (Arctic Warfare and Arctic Warfare Police) sniper rifles made by AI,since for most police situations the full compliance to the strict militarystandards is not required. For example, police rifles usually are far lessexposed to bad weather and other elements, they rarely are carried in the fieldfor days and weeks without proper maintenance and so on. And most police tacticalsituations rarely require the shooting beyond, say, 500 – 600 meters. So, havingthe said in mind, AI designers developed the AE rifle, which, being similar indesign and quality to elder AI models, is almost two times cheaper to come by,than AW and AWP models. AE available in only one configuration (no othercalibers and/or barrel lengths are offered at this moment). The claimedeffective range for this rifle is 600 meters.


It must be noted that AII has discontinued the AE model several years ago. Instead, a more modern AI Accuracy Tactical (AT) rifle is offered to Law Enforcement and civilian clients worldwide.


AE rifle is built around the same proprietary AI chassis system, that features afull length aluminum alloy backbone with hollow stock, made from two polymerhalves and bolted onto the backbone. The receiver is made from steel and ismounted to the chassis in the V-shaped slot. The heavy barrel is free floatedfor maximum accuracy. It features same 3 lugs bolt with 60 degrees locking and atwo-stage adjustable trigger. The buttstock is adjustable only for length ofpull by the means of the butt-spacers. There's no open sights, instead theMil-Std rail is mounted at the top of the receiver. As a standard this rifle isequipped with 5 rounds box magazines, 8 rounds magazines are optional.