SR-100 with standard (short) forend, .308 Win (short) barrel and night scope.
SR-100 with standard (short) forend, .308 Win (short) barrel and night scope.


SR-100 with extended front part of the stock and long (.338 lapua or .300 wm) barrel.
SR-100 with extended front part of the stock and long (.338 lapua or .300 wm) barrel.


Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win), .300 Winchester magnum and .338 Lapua (8.6x70mm)
Operation: rotating bolt action
Barrel: 650 mm for 7.62mm NATO; 750 mm for .300 win mag and .338 lapua mm
Weight: 6.4 – 6.9 kg w/o scope, depending on the barrel installed
Length: 1260 or 1360 mm
Feed Mechanism: 10 (.308), 8 (.300 wm) or 5 (.338) rounds detachable box magazines


The ERMA SR-100 rifle was developed in Germany by Erma company and represents the high end sniper rifle, capable of outstanding first shot accuracy and widely and quickly ajustable for many tactical situations. Designed for law enforcement and counter-terror troops, this rifle is wery expencive but offers highest grade of accuracy, and is used by the elite european units, such as German KSK and GSG-9. It is said that accuracy of the SR-100 with proper ammunition is about 0.3 MOA at any practical ranges (in optimal environmental conditions and with highly trained shooter, of cause).

ER-100 is a manaually operated, rotating bolt action, magazine fed rifle. Rotating bolt locks directly into the barrel by three front lugs. Receiver is made from aluminium alloy and is mounted on the stock via the aluminium bedding block, which is built into stock. SR-100 featured quickly interchangeable barrels of three different calibers, .308 winchester (7.62x51mm NATO), .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. Calibers can be swapped on one rifle in the matter of minutes by replacing the barrel, bolt and magazine. The barrel is fixed to the receiver by patented eccentrical lock. The lock is operated by the allen wrench type tool. When lock is released, barrel could be simply pulled out of the receiver and be replaced by another barrel. When locked, barrel is free floated for maximum accuracy. All barrels are fitted with highly effective muzzle brakes. Box type magazines have different capacities for different calibers and when in place, are completely enclosed by rifle stock. Magazine release is operated by two butons, situated on both sides of the stock, below the ejection port.

The stock is made from laminated wood and is fully ajustable for lenght of pull, height and the position of the cheekpiece. The front part of the stock can be extended by the additional detachable unit, to move the bipod mount forward, if required. Trigger is also ajustable for weight, pull, position and amount of slack.SR-100 is equipped with 3 position bolt mounted safety. There are no open sights, and SR-100 is equipped with universal rail on the top of the receiver. Usually SR-100 is fitted with Leupold, Zeiss or Schmidt & Bender high-end scopes with magnification about 10X or so.